Ram Navami 2020

Ram Navami 2020

Thursday, 2 April Ram Navami 2020.

Rama Navami is a Hindu spring festival that celebrates Lord Rama’s birthday. It is particularly important to the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinchaism, as the seventh avatar of Vishnu. The festival celebrates the descent of the god Vishnu as the avatar of Rama, through his birth to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya in Ayodhya. The festival is part of the Navratri spring and is celebrated on the ninth day of the Shining Half (Shukla Paksha) in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra. This typically occurs in the Gregorian months of March or April of each year. Rama Navami is an alternative government holiday in India. Ram Navami 2020

The day is decided by Rama Katha recitals or reading of Rama stories. Ramayana and Mahabharata are considered Itihasa by Indian traditions. Some Vaishnava Hindus visit a temple, others pray inside their home, and some participate in a bhajan or kirtan with music as part of puja and aarti. Some devotees mark the event by taking miniature statues of baby Rama, washing and dressing him, then placing him in a crib. Charity events and community meals are also organized. The holiday is an occasion for moral reflection for many Hindus. A Few marks this day by Vrata (fasting).

Important celebrations on this day take place in Ayodhya and Sita Samahit Sthal (Uttar Pradesh), Sitamarhi (Bihar), Janakpurdham (Nepal), Bhadrachalam (Telangana), Kodandarama Temple, Vontimitta (Andhra Pradesh) and Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu). Rathayatras, the chariot processions, also known as Shobha yatras of Rama, Sita, his brother Lakshmana, and Hanuman, are brought to various places. In Ayodhya, many bathe in the holy river Sarayu and then visit the Rama temple. Ram Navami 2020


The day is the ninth and last day of Chaitra Navaratri (not to be confused with the Autumn Navratri). Celebrate the arrival of the seventh avatar of Vishnu, the god Rama. It is marked by the faithful with puja (devotional worship) as bhajan and kirtan, fasting and reading passages about Rama’s life. Special cities in Ramayana legends about Rama’s life observe important celebrations. These include Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh), Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), Bhadrachalam (Telangana), and Sitamarhi (Bihar). Some places organize Rath-yatras (chariot processions), while others celebrate it as Rama and Sita’s wedding anniversary festival (Kalyanotsavam).

Although the festival is named after Rama, the festival generally includes reverence for Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanumana given their importance in Rama’s history. Some Vaisnava Hindus observe the festival in Hindu temples, some observe it within their homes. Surya, the Hindu god of the sun, is part of the worship and ceremonies in some communities. Some Vaisnava communities observe the nine days of Chaitra Navaratri remembering Rama and reading Ramayana, and some temples organize special discussion sessions in the evening. Charity events to help those in need and community meals are organized by Vaisnava temples and organizations, and for many Hindus, it is an occasion for moral reflection. Ram Navami 2020

In Karnataka, Sri Ramanavami is celebrated by local Mandalis (organizations) in some places, including on trails, scattering panaka (jaggery and ground melon juice) and some food. In addition, in Bangalore, Karnataka, the Sree Ramaseva Mandali, R.C.T (R.) Chamrajpet organizes the most prestigious month-long classical music festival in India. The uniqueness of this 80-year-old musical extravaganza is that the celebrated Indian classical musicians, regardless of their religion, of both genres, Carnatic and Hindustani, descend to offer their musical performance to Lord Sri Rama and the assembled audience. Ram Navami 2020

In the eastern states of India, such as Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, the Jagannath temples and the Vaishnava regional community observe Rama Navami and treat it as the day when preparations begin for their annual Jagannath Ratha Yatra in the summer.

Devotees associated with ISKCON fast during daylight hours. Several ISKCON temples presented a more prominent celebration of the holiday occasion with the aim of addressing the needs of the growing native Hindu congregation. However, it was always a notable event in the traditional Gaurabda calendar with a specific additional requirement for fasting by devotees. Ram Navami 2020

Outside India

Rama Navami is one of the Hindu festivals that celebrates the Hindu Hindu diaspora with roots in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Descendants of Indian contract servants, for example, who came to colonial South Africa before 1910 to work in British-owned plantations and mines, lived after the South African apartheid regime, continued to celebrate Ram Navami by reciting Ramayana and singing bhajans from Tyagaraja and Bhadrachala Ramdas. The tradition continues in contemporary times at Durban’s Hindu temples each year. Ram Navami 2020

Similarly, in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, other Caribbean countries, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, and many other countries, the Hindu descendants of colonial-era contract workers brought in by the British government from India have continued to observe Ram Navami along with his Other traditional festivals.It is also celebrated by Hindus in Fiji and Hindus from Fiji who have migrated elsewhere.

Significance of Ram Navami

The History of Ramayan is the most comprehensive, eternal, universal story about Dharma versus Adharma, of deva against evil, of good against evil, as represented in battle. of Rama and Ravana. Ram Navami 2020

Ravana is a hypocrite; he was an expert who wrote many works of the Bible. It is very strong, powerful and beautiful in the face. As the bright, graceful prince of Lanka, he had everything one needed for happiness and peace. Yet, he is arrogant, arrogant, arrogant and selfish. His unrealistic expectations made him crave more and more energy, more and more money, and more and more women to fulfill his every whim.

There is a difference: Bhagwan Rama’s heart is filled with prosperity, love, generosity, humility, and responsibility. Ravana’s heart, on the contrary, was filled with avarice, racism, and egoism. As Lord Rama was touched, the animal became his humane and his religious help. Beneath the Ravana Prince touch, even character became animals. Ram Navami 2020

Through his good choices and vision, he tells the world to choose the religion over Artha (when he goes out into the forest rather than the king) and select Moksha.

Bhagwan Rama Teaches:

Like a son

Respectfully and lovingly obey your father’s orders. Sacrifice your own comfort for the dignity of your father. Ram Navami 2020

Like a stepson

Even when your stepmother (or mother-in-law) is not nice to you, even when she clearly discriminates against you in favor of her own biological child, don’t bother, don’t fight her. Respect her and her wishes. Ram Navami 2020

Like a brother

Stay true to your brother. Take care of him.

As husband

Protect your wife. Fight for its protection and purity. But there are times when one’s divine path must even take precedence over the head of the household. Do not keep the role of the head of the household as the final role.

Like a king

Sacrifice everything for your people. Don’t worry about your own comfort, your own convenience, or your own pleasure. Be responsible to put the kingdom ahead of your own needs.

Ravana’s ego led to her own disappearance, first the disappearance of her spirit and heart and then the disappearance of her body. I thought it was he who was running everything. He thought he was the “maker” of everything. On the other hand, the Bhagwan Rama has always been humble and has never accepted anything for anything. Ram Navami 2020

At the end of the war in Lanka, the Bhagwan Rama gave Sitaji a tour of the city, telling him where all the events were. When they reached the place where he victoriously killed Ravana, he reported it to Sitaji only as “and this is where Ravana died.” He did not say, “This is where I crushed the devil” or “This is where I killed Ravana.” Ram Navami is a holiday that celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, son of King Dasharath. Ram Navami 2020

It was a time of great joy in Ayodhya so centuries ago when King Dasharath’s heir was finally born. It was like a dream come true for the king since the lack of an heir had bothered him deeply for many years. Lord Rama is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu who came down to earth to fight the incompetent Ravana. Lord Brahma had been receiving complaints from all the gods about the havoc Ravana was wreaking on earth, but because Lord Brahma had bestowed so many blessings on Ravana, a god could not kill him. But Ravana had become so confident that he would never expect an attack from a human being. Then Lord Vishnu agreed to go to earth disguised as Prince Ram, the son of King Dasharath and Queen Kaushalya. Ram Navami 2020

The story of Lord Rama, as told in the great Ramayana epic, is a story that most Indians know no matter who they are, what they believe, and what they believe Lord Rama is a legendary figure, the epitome of all that is good and true, the man who defeated the demon king, Ravana. Lord Rama is not only a hero, but Hindus have granted him god status. Therefore, it is no surprise that his birth is celebrated year after year with great pomp and enjoyment on the ninth day after the new moon in Sukul Paksh (the crescent moon), which falls sometime in April. Ram Navami 2020

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